Our Story: Why We’re Building GoldenCircle

Ajay Thakur
Ajay Thakur

If you see different mediums that are available for networking and connecting with like-minded people, such as cold emails, social media, etc., all of these mediums require a certain type of social proof like no. of followers or strong reference.

There are plenty of reasons why these existing approaches fail to form meaningful connections between like-minded people. Some of them being:-

90% is noise: Whether it's your mail inbox, social inbox, or even feed, it's filled with junk that keeps you from getting through to the connections that might actually add value to you.

Vague Social Proofs: You don’t always have access to your references, half of the connections people have on social media don't even know them, and buying followers to keep the numbers climbing is a completely different story!

Well-being: Most of the platforms are designed and optimized for addiction and self-validation based on numbers but not for forming meaningful connections or sharing insightful information and experience. This is also one of the major reasons why impact makers with high intellect avoid being socially active online as it’s counterproductive and doesn’t add much value to their day-to-day life.

We can go on and on why current platforms aren’t as secure and optimized as they claim.

Say Hello to GoldenCircle! More human professional network. Build meaningful connections which add real-life value. No sending connections requests, no adding friends, no followers count, no post interactions count, no ads, just pure human interactions like we do in real life.

It’s also very important for you to understand how we are going to deliver on our 'secure' promises:-

  1. Privacy and Security: One of the reasons we have designed the GoldenCircle platform to be technically secure and private is because we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and we have and will ONLY use services and techniques that are privacy-focused to build and/or modify the GoldenCircle platform. Below are the security and privacy approach we take to protect your fundamental right:
  2. No Data Monetization: Even though we’re only collecting minimum personal information from you to access the GoldenCircle Platform, we won’t be showing you any advertisements or sponsored content. We strongly believe privacy-focused platforms should not work on ad-based businesses models where user privacy and trust are at stake. A paid subscription is the only route we will be taking to keep our servers running and keep improving the experience, privacy, and security for the GoldenCircle Impact Makers.
  3. Combating Vague Social Proofs: On GoldenCircle, neither do we have any followers count nor social statuses, roles, or individual net worth. The only thing that matters is Social Impact Score (SIS). We have designed our platform to be socially unbiased, hence, we expect every impact maker to be responsible and accountable towards the information they share with the community. When users on GoldenCircle post meaningful content, participate in discussions and provide valuable feedback, other users can appreciate those contributions via interactions. Users receiving appreciation will be awarded an SIS and the SIS will be used to prioritize users in messaging thread and community feed.

Before GoldenCircle, we were building a platform for celebrities that required us to do direct networking and interaction with celebrities. Each celebrity we interacted with would require us to travel from one city to another, and every time we needed a reference as social proof. Without any reference, there were no chances of fixing a meeting with the celebrities. Each meeting cycle costs 5-6 working days and we realized this is a non-scalable approach for networking and building meaningful connections.

That’s how the idea for a private network was born.

We are super excited about the problem we are solving for impact makers all around the world! If you’re reading this, you probably have received an invite from one of our founders.

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Ajay Thakur
Ajay Thakur

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